All about blogging.
If you are twenty-something or younger, you probably don’t need to be reading this. You’ve probably been happily blogging away for what seems like years, all your friends blog, you read their blogs, and they yours. But for those of us over forty (or, oh my gosh…more!), or with families to care for and busy jobs to do, or perhaps our attention has just been someplace else for the last few years, we may not have even heard the term, or if we had, it sounded like “flogging” and not wanting to go there, we just ignored it.

But blogging is growing and for very good reasons, much like email took off ten years ago.

But what really is BLOGGING – the act of producing a blog. What’s a blog? That’s a little bit harder to answer, but bear with me. The term blog is short for web log, a “log” of diary-like entries published on a web site. We all now know my inspiration for this blog was a cute “chick flick” recently out by the name of Julie and Julia…a little bit of  inspiration and a lot of perspiration (mostly by my very patient “tech team” )and here we are!

But blogging I am now finding gives me an opportunity to store those little bits of information that I come across… storage and memory is cheap and my memory not always so reliable (we have pretty much disclosed my age range at this point…which definately has its perks mind you…it’s not all bad). If I could I would dump everything I’ve ever learned into my computer. The computer is more efficient at searching than the brain is, and better at storage. We forget things. The computer doesn’t. With a blog, even better, the stored knowledge is on the net, accessible from any browser anywhere in the world.

I will do my best to make this timely and informative (with a little bit of humor in there for you)….I love that I get to be involved in the wild world of real estate every day and want to be able to bring you along the journey with me.

Thanks for all those who have visited me so far and let me know what you think…suggestions always appreciated and welcomed!

 Happy blogging!