Found this great link I thought I would share as far as fun things to do in and around New Jersey, from hayrides, to haunted house to corn mazes… Have fun and Happy and (safe) Trick or Treating!!!

Haunted Hayrides, Houses, Tours, Mazes and other Halloween events

I miss not having young children this time of year… to see the smiles on their faces as they go door to door in the anticipation of the next treat that Mom and Dad may or may not ever let them eat, it is magical. I even enjoy that “goofy” older teenage set that are really too old to be doing this but still having trouble letting their childhood go (of course except when they want to do something with their friends that is age inappropriate the other way)… I even found myself stickering each and every candy bar that we are giving out at our home with the picture of a smiling pumpkin and a Happy Halloween from The Toombs (my husband promptly told me I needed to get a hobby!) But all those years of Halloween parades and parties came rushing back, putting a smile on my face… So here’s to the “kid” in everyone of us… Happy Halloween!!!!