As a member of this illustrious generation, the post-war BABY BOOMERS, I always find it fascinating to watch the trending of “baby boomer” disposable income….We were the only generation to actually have a brand of pants “Levis” completely resized and reconfigured for our expanding waistlines and comprise the single largest age range and buying public within the consumer market (Generation X and Generation Y added together are a little bit larger than the total baby boom population)…Here is what we are doing….

There are 79 million baby boomers, and this year, the oldest boomers turn 65.
Their impact on the economy is enormous, so looking at the home buying trends of
this group highlights interesting differences between older and younger boomers.
A new survey from Coldwell Banker reveals that younger baby boomers are
interested in purchasing a second home (34 percent) as compared to their older
boomer counterparts (22 percent).

Baby Boomer Real Estate Trends (Infographic)