A water slide is a fun bedroom amenity but it might narrow your resale chances. Photo: Curbed


The average person spends more than a third of their time on earth sleeping, so bedrooms tend to factor into real estate purchases more than, say, game rooms and media centers. Still, some homeowners find ways to personalize their private chambers in some out-of-this-world ways, for better or for worse.

These extreme bedrooms pop up when the houses head to market, but might be a hinderance if the buyers aren’t into velvet or chintz or Roman replicas.

Then again, if they offer a cool slide to a water wake up, they might help sell the place. Slip a closet door open in this British bedroom, commit to a trip down a dark tube, and, surprise!, find oneself in a stunning indoor swimming pool.

Yep, it’s that easy for the buyer of the $3.15M “most daring & innovative house ever built.” The subterranean mansion in Bowdon, Cheshire packs some James Bond wizardry into its master bedroom, but the craziest part of the design might be the absolute lack of windows.

Okay, so the jacuzzi atrium features a skylight, but without the morning sun, it’s a good thing the owner can splash more than a little water on their face in the AM.

Check out these crazy, surprising, extreme bedrooms:

Highlight: Neon Green Lights

Here’s one way to shine a light on your crown molding. Photo: Curbed


In Russia, a luxury bedroom isn’t complete without some neon green lighting to illuminate the crown molding. At least that’s the impression we got from this master bedroom, part of an extravagant $24M offering outside of Moscow.

Highlight: Coral Mural

Bedroom themes can sometimes be a little too personal. Photo: Curbed


When model Agyness Deyn did up her Brooklyn bedroom, she took things “under the sea” with a coral mural, seashell light fixtures, and a blue ceiling. Surprisingly, this might be the most sedate room in Deyn’s loft, currently listed for $2.5M, but in contract to sell.

Highlight: Faux Stone

Faux stone finishing has never really caught on. Photo: Curbed


Faux stone finishing and black leather are the keys to failure in this truly Texas-sized bachelor pad of a bedroom. Part of a $9.8M “contemporary” mansion, this place missed the modern boat back in the early 1990s.

Highlight: Fancy Mirrors

Opulence isn’t always timeless. Photo: Curbed


What to do as a young software millionaire? Deck out an L.A. mansion in a very dated, tacky form of luxury then try to cash in on the $6.5M resale. The trouble is, this opulent master bedroom is located in Woodland Hills, where comps are selling for a third the price per square foot. Location, location, location probably drove the owner to pull it from the market.