Many people want to look at any news on the housing market and immediately categorize it as either good or bad. In reality, most news about real estate is not ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It’s just news.

Current home values are much lower than just a few years ago. Many see this as bad news. However, there are two competing parties in every real estate transaction. When a house sells today, 50% of the people in the transaction (the sellers) could see the lower prices as bad news. However, the other 50% (the buyers) probably see this as great news.

Many have said the struggling global economy is horrible news for the real estate market. But, the current economic challenges have also brought us sub 4% mortgage interest rates. We will see the eventual resurgence in the economy as good news for housing values. Let’s just realize that, at that time, we will also see rising mortgage rates as bad news for buyers.

There will be challenges in every housing market. Those challenges will also bring opportunities.